What is the ASE Renewal App?

The ASE Renewal App is an innovative tool that ASE has developed to help ASE Certified professionals extend the expiration date of their certifications. This is done without having to take time off or go to a secure test center, all while increasing knowledge and awareness about the technology found in today's complex vehicles.

How will I benefit from using the ASE Renewal app?

First, you can conveniently extend your ASE certifications using the mobile app on your phone, tablet or PC. Second, the app will present questions on key current technical topics to help you identify potential gaps in your knowledge.

How does the ASE Renewal App work?

If you have previously passed ASE Certification tests, you can purchase an annual subscription from ASE for this new service. Questions are then delivered throughout the year to your mobile device or PC. The app will deliver 1 question per month per certification area.

How does this help me maintain my certifications?

When you participate in the ASE Renewal App, you will earn 1 credit for each question you answer correctly. After earning 8 credits in one certification area during the subscription period, you will receive a 1-year extension to that certification. This allows you to keep your certifications current without having to go to a testing center.

Who can sign up for the app?

Technicians who have previously passed an ASE test can sign up. It doesn’t matter whether your certification expires five years from now, is due for renewal this year, or has already expired. Currently, only tests A1 – A9 are included, so only technicians who have passed one or more of those tests are eligible.

Only those tests you have passed prior to starting your annual subscription will appear in the app. If you have never passed the certification test for a specific test area, you must register and take that test at a secure Prometric test center.

What tests are included in the app? Will other ASE tests be added?

Right now, only tests A1 – A9 are included in the app. Other tests may be added in the future, but that has not yet been determined. The ASE Renewal App is still a new idea, and ASE wants to be sure it works well for everyone before expanding it.

How much does the ASE Renewal App subscription cost?

The ASE Renewal App has an annual subscription price of $48 for any or all the automobile series (A1-A9) certifications. The $48 price is the same whether you are certified in one area or all nine.

What is the difference between the ASE Renewal App and traditional recertification testing? Will recertification testing continue to be offered?

The ASE Renewal App will extend the expiration date of your certification by 1 year if you have earned at least 8 credits during your subscription. Traditional recertification testing is conducted at secure test centers and will extend your certification by 5 years if you pass the test. Traditional recertification testing will continue to be offered; the app is an alternative for those who find the convenience and continuous learning to be beneficial.

How do the questions in the ASE Renewal app differ from those used in the recertification tests?

There are a few important differences. First, the app uses a pool of questions that is separate from those used on the ASE tests delivered in secure test centers. Second, the questions in the app address more leading-edge technology topics that are typically not seen in ASE certification tests for 3 to 4 years. Third, after you answer a question, the app tells you whether you answered correctly and explains why each answer option is right or wrong. Finally, after you have earned enough credits to extend your certification, you may see questions that address manufacturer-specific vehicles and systems.

How much time do I have to answer the questions?

You will have 2 minutes to answer most questions. If the question is complex, uses a wiring diagram, or requires reference material, you will have 5 minutes. If you do not answer the question and the timer runs out, the question will be scored as incorrect. However, you will still be given the explanation for each answer choice and you will get another chance to answer a similar question in the future.

Can I ask my friends or coworkers for help?

No, not to answer the questions. The app is intended to help you identify gaps in your knowledge. If someone else answers the question, you are violating the terms of use of the app and cheating yourself. After you have answered a question, the app provides an online forum where you may discuss the question and the answers with other techs who have also answered that question. In that way, you can get help from other technicians to increase your understanding, and help other technicians increase their knowledge as well.

Can I use reference material to answer questions?

Most questions in the app don’t require the use of reference materials. But for some manufacturer-specific questions, you may need to look up the information to answer the question. You will be given 5 minutes to answer these questions. The ASE Renewal App promotes learning, and using reference materials is one way that technicians learn every day.

What about question security? Is it cheating if I look up information to answer a question?

A lot of the ASE Renewal App content addresses leading-edge technology, so we expect that you may sometimes need to reference service information to correctly answer a question. When you subscribe to the ASE Renewal app, you must agree to answer the questions yourself and to not share them with anyone else outside of the appropriate app discussion forum. As long as you are answering the questions yourself, you are not cheating.

What are 2nd chance questions?

If you get a question wrong, you will be given a 2nd chance question a few weeks later. This allows you time to learn more about the subject. When a 2nd chance question arrives, it will be in addition to your regularly scheduled questions. The 2nd chance questions give you an opportunity to verify that you have learned more about this topic, as well as to earn another credit toward meeting your certification extension goal.

Who writes the questions in the ASE Renewal App?

The questions come from ASE question-writing workshops where service representatives from automotive manufacturers (domestic and import), aftermarket parts and equipment manufacturers, working technicians and career and technology educators meet to share ideas and translate them into questions. Each question is designed to measure the knowledge that you need to know in your job and must be approved by the entire group.

What if I don't agree with the answer to a question?

Once you submit an answer to a question, a list of all the answer choices and an explanation for each answer choice will be shown. If you don’t agree with the explanation, you have a couple of options. First, you can access a discussion forum for that question, where you can post a comment or question for other technicians, read their comments, and respond. You can also use the app to alert ASE directly that you think the question's answer isn’t right.

Why are there manufacturer-specific questions in the ASE Renewal App?

Manufacturers often build systems that have the same outcome as those of other manufacturers; however, the way the system works may differ from one manufacturer to another. Calling out the specific vehicle in the question will ensure that only one correct answer will be available. This will also add clarity to the question.

Here is an example: Manufacturer A & B both offer advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) on their vehicles. Manufacturer A uses a camera for their system, while manufacturer B uses a RADAR system. Both systems will result in the same outcome; however, the way each manufacturer gets there is different. Because this is a common occurrence, the only way to get the correct answer is to reference the specific vehicle.

Manufacturer-specific questions will be delivered only after you have earned 8 credits. This will ensure that these types of questions do not have an impact on your ability to extend your certification.

How does the annual subscription work? When does my certification get extended?

Your renewal app subscription begins the day you sign up and continues for a full year. When you earn 8 credits (by answering 8 questions correctly) in one test area, ASE will extend that certification for one year. You will continue to receive questions for the entire year, even after you have earned 8 credits.

How long will it take me to earn 8 credits? What happens if I miss a question?

Every four weeks throughout the year, we will send you a new question (one in each certification area). If you answer every question correctly on the first try, you could earn 8 credits in about 8 months. Whenever you miss a question, you will get a second chance to answer a similar question on that topic. Your second chance question will be delivered a few weeks later, and you will still receive your regularly scheduled new question as well. If you miss the 2nd chance question, you will get a third chance after another few weeks. So, you will have multiple chances to earn the required 8 credits. As long as you accumulate 8 credits for that test area by the end of your subscription year, your certification will be extended 1 year.

Once I earn 8 credits, what will my new expiration date be?

If your current expiration date is 12 months or more after your subscription start date, ASE will add one year to your current expiration date.

If your current expiration date is less than 12 months from your subscription start date, or your certification has lapsed, your new expiration date will be 12 months after the end of your current subscription, rounded up to the next June 30th or December 31st.

What happens at the end of the subscription? How do I sign up for another year?

Prior to the end of your current subscription, you will receive communications from ASE prompting you to resubscribe. You can purchase another year's subscription If you want to continue using the app for another year.

Can I start and stop the subscription anytime?

You can start anytime you want. However, app subscriptions always run for a full year and cannot be renewed prior to the end of the current subscription.

What happens if I earn more than 8 credits? Can I use them next year?

Credits earned in one year do not carry over to the next year. You always start the year with zero and need to earn 8 credits to extend your certification for an additional year.

Why can't I receive all 12 questions for each area at once, instead of 1 question per area per month?

The ASE Renewal app program is designed to deliver questions approximately once a month per certification to allow you to pace yourself over the course of the entire 12-month subscription period. If you miss a question, this pacing will allow time to seek training information and learn the concepts associated with the question content. Learning these concepts will help you be successful when you receive the next chance to answer a similar question about the same topic and to earn a credit toward your certification extension.

If my certifications are expired, can I renew them using the app?

If you need your certifications reinstated quickly, then you should register and take your tests at a testing center. If your certifications are currently expired and you sign up for the app, it will take you approximately 8-to-12 months from the date you subscribe to the app to earn enough credits to reinstate your certifications with current expiration dates.

If my certifications will expire within the next 12 months, can I renew them using the app?

If you need your certifications to remain current without expiring, then you should register and take your tests at a testing center. It will take you approximately 8-to-12 months from the date you subscribe to the app to earn enough credits to reinstate your certifications with current expiration dates.

Will I get an updated certificate?

Yes! At the conclusion of your subscription, ASE will send you an updated certificate. Ensure your mailing address is correct in your myASE account and please allow 4-6 weeks after the completion of your subscription for your new certificate to arrive. If you need proof of your ASE status prior to receiving your certificate, you can log into your myASE account and download a certification status letter.